Multimedia Entertainment
Designed all promotional mailers, promotional give-aways, and support materials for events and special show announcements.
Billboard for Multimedia Entertainment shows, located in Times Square in New York City. Held World's Record for Largest Continuous Billboard from 1996 to 1997. Large center panel flipped from show to show with large electronic lightpanel beneath to announce specials.


Yoo-Hoo promotion for Baseball Legends. Included a set of baseball trading cards with Hall of Famers, buttons, t-shirts, and other prizes for collecting Yoo-Hoo points. Printed directly on cases and both cans and bottles of Yoo-Hoo.


Kraft Kids Basketoons
Basketoon promotion for Kraft Foods, featuring characters from the WB interacting with Patrick Ewing. Included in-store P.O.S. and sales materials.


Nabisco All-Star
Summer snacking promotions with Cal Ripken, Jr. for Nabisco, complete with in-store P.O.S., FSI Match & Win Contest, FSI coupon program, and sales materials.
Created National Advertising, promotional give-aways, email blasts, national grass-roots campaigns, and truck stop programs aimed at truckers and towman across the nation. Also concepted press materials for advertisers and Press Kits aimed at securing potential vendor and distribution channels.

Bigfoot Automotive Accessories
Designed exciting In-store promotion, promotional give-aways and sweepstakes, shelf talkers and in store displays for the automotive line. Also created all sales materials aimed at both the automotive aftermarket consumer as well as retail chain purchasing agents, store managers, and sales rep firms.