Winston Evo Flask Pack

Create new, innovative packaging for cigarettes that would be waterproof, crushproof, and would keep freshness locked in.

Revisited an old fashioned flask concept, playing to the products working class user base. Emulated an old alcohol flask with a curved design to fit in the back pocket and a flip top, sealed opening to keep in freshness and keep wetness out. Plastic substrate with metal flask texture also kept cigarettes protected from being crushed.

Creativity 32 Annual for Packaging Design

...the first major cigarette packaging innovation since the flip-top box in 1955.
- Forbes 4/02

The first dramatic cigarette pack
redesign in 30 years.
- AdAge

Fleer Trading Cards

Concept wild, exciting designs for Fleer's line of Sports Trading Cards for the new season.

Produced many varying designs for special sets of trading cards, utilizing new techniques and special die-cuts for different series and sports.

The cards shown are comps only. Due to the nature of trading card collectibles, card companies are very protective of releasing limited numbered sets to vendors, so actual samples of the cards were not available for shooting.

Bigfoot Automotive Products

Create and launch new retail product line for cars and pick-ups branded with the identity of the Bigfoot Monster Truck for launch in automotive outlets across the nation.

Designed and produced exciting packaging for 27 SKU's for the automotive aftermarket, including pallet packing and designing in-store setup displays, all promotion and all advertising.

Grand Union Packaging

Daily packaging design needs for
Grand Union Supermarkets as a member
of Milton Glaser's studio.

Using Milton Glaser formulas for type continuity, designed dozens of products for the private label line of the supermarket.